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Phoenix is engaged in Welding, Fabrication, Repairs, NDT and Project Management as well as removal and application of Protective Coatings (painting) for the transport infrastructure, Industrial and Marine sectors

As conscientious company, Phoenix is committed in providing a sustainable, safe and healthy workplace by developing and promoting safe work practices in all aspects of its business. We have set ourselves a target of no injuries and leaving the environment uncontaminated as a result of our activities. Achieving this ambitious target requires consistent approach that is the foundation of our business and Phoenix culture. We continuously strive to improve on our safety and environment performance in all areas of our operations. We firmly believe all accidents, both safety as well as environmental disasters, can be prevented and no job is more important that might risk injury to people or justify damage to the environment. This target is achieved by:

  • Using Australian standards and regulations, as applicable, at all jobs;
  • Taking all reasonable and practical measures to ensure hazards at the workplace are identified and adequate precautionary steps taken based on the risk analysis;
  • Clearly assign the responsibility and delineate accountability for health, safety and environment management at the organizational, functional and operational levels;
  • Provide relevant information, supervision, training, procedures, equipment and facilities to competently achieve the objectives stated above;
  • Ensure all incidents, accidents and environmental aspects are thoroughly investigated and reported to top management to ensure elimination or at least reduction of future occurrence;
  • Maintaining trained personnel capable of dealing with emergency situations and environment emergencies are put in charge of the Projects undertaken by Phoenix;
  • By periodically reviewing the policies, procedures, incidents, accidents and environmental impacts and taking steps for future control;
  • Using risk management methodology to develop systems and procedures;
  • Provide support and guidance in rehabilitation of all personnel involved with Phoenix including employees, visitors and contractors;
  • Keep the customers and authorities apprised of all developments relating to safety and environment matters as per regulatory and contractual requirements.

Contractually bound, Phoenix follows the Safe Work Methods and Environment Controls of their clients and their principals when undertaking jobs on their premises and take recourse to their own Management Systems where either the clients don't have their own or the contractual obligations allow them to work by Phoenix Management Systems with the aim to identify and eliminate any foreseeable hazards and potential environment disasters.